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9 Fascinating Space Travel Facts

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Xuất bản 26 Dec 2017 / trong Du Lịch & Sự Kiện

What's it like to be an astronaut?

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(https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS Laika, the first dog in space, in the sputnik 2 capsule
Sovfoto/Getty Images
Apollo 10 Astronauts Smiling
Bettmann/Getty Images
Poop Cartoon Character Standing Thumbs Up
aoshlick/Getty Images
It's Amazing
James Whitaker/Getty Images

NASA astronaut on a spacewalk
rawheadrex/Getty Images
Planet Earth from space in day time
Faithfulshot/Getty Images
spider web with dew drops
Jcomp/Getty Images
Burning Meteor
marcindega/Getty Images
Space walking astronaut views orbital sunrise from space
JTM_Stock_Video/Getty Images
Soyuz Spaceship docked to ISS
Faithfulshot/Getty Images
Astonaut doing moonwalk and dancing on the moon
fStop/Getty Images
gulp close up
Alex83-ch/Getty Images
Sunrise above the clouds
kafi/Getty Images
Nephila inaurata - Reunion Island
imv/Getty Images
Ceiling fan turns clockwise
BSPC/Getty Images
Adromeda galaxy (M31)
Science Photo Library/Getty Images

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